Season 4: The Big Leap — Community Update

8 min readSep 12, 2022


Original render of S4 promo banner created by Super Gonorrhea for RC3.

Life is all about change; the mission is to evolve while striving for our goals. Seasons are indicators of change and — wow! — it’s been well over one year since our Season 3 Update.🤯

The last season turned out to be quite a long one for us at RareCandy3D. That merely reflects the significant changes we have been working hard for all this period, ranging from internal restructuring to external rebranding. During Season 3, we collaborated with new artists, pioneered a new NFT-driven token sale format, migrated our CV gallery to the iconic Gangnam district, released several physical NFTs, and participated in irl NFT meetups.

Looking back at the stage we were at as a project 1 year ago, it feels like 5 years have passed, damn. We worked hard, achieved a lot, and are finally set to present the beginning of a new era, RareCandy’s giant leap: Season 4!

The time has come to share all our progress with our ever-expanding community — get ready because this will be a long and exciting update! ❤


Here you can find a bullet-point-style overview of the various fronts that we tweaked 😏

  • Team changes; new core members + RC3 Interns. We’re a happy team of 15 as of now🤝🏼
  • Discord changes; the server has been refined to be as informative, transparent, and inclusive as possible 🎉
  • Domain changes; considering that “xyz” stands for the coordinates of three-dimensional space, we changed all our domains & handles to .xyz. 🍬
  • Metaverse affairs; new CV parcel in Pastel Island — treasure hunts are available🏆, live events coming soon🔭
  • Strategic partnerships; KONG, Arweave, Defiants, Roll, Mintparty, Usher
  • NCO Update; $RCDY Memberships launch with Roll on the 21st of Sept — whitelisting has already started! 💰
  • New RC3 Dapp; we are (finally) about to launch the new RC3 dapp — an all-in-one platform, a blend of NFTs, DeFi & gamification that’s redefining entertainment and decentralized ownership.
  • Physical NFT Releases; Besides the public contract for physical creators, RC3 Originals will be the ground where we curate and release physical NFT concept designs.

RC3 Team Changes

Having been in the NFT space since early 2020, we have matured as a team that is set to pursue its very own distinct vision: redefine entertainment and create a lifestyle around decentralized ownership.

Everything we do is a mere product of enthusiastic and genuine cooperation between like-minded individuals. We are what we do, so let’s check who the new season has brought to RC3’s team. The core team got reinforced with important member additions covering key roles within the project. Raf has filled in the Artist Relations Manager position, providing us with his positive energy and creative input — he’s the go-to person for all things RC3 Originals-related. Pulse, our Creative Director, is leading content creation and hosting our Twitter spaces, while he’s also organizing and hosting our native podcast — Sweet Talks — inviting key Web3 figures into relaxed and more personal discussions. Next, Lorenzo joined the RC3 fam as our precious COO handling all operations and managing the workflow —kinda like the glue of this project. George, an amazing and highly skilled individual, is our in-house senior designer and the main culprit behind all those fresh and colorful designs, logos, pitches, banners, as well as everything else that pleases your eye. Last but not least, our metaverse department got revived by g-van.eth, a senior metaverse builder, scripter, and dev, who’s acting as our Metaverse Affairs Officer, and Liliia.eth, a highly creative digital artist, and senior voxel architect. When was the last time you checked our CV parcels? :O

The NFT/Web3 scene is still rapidly growing, so, we highly value young people and newcomers that are looking to enter the space and gain working experience, while educating themselves and giving their fresh perspective. Therefore, we have created RC3 Internships; an internal program where we scout individuals — regardless of their qualifications — based on their enthusiasm and willingness to learn and work in a friendly and future-oriented environment. Aziz and Vanessa are the newest RC3 interns undertaking the positions of social media management and community management.

Discord server changes

As with most NFT projects, RareCandy’s discord server is the “home” of our beloved community — and we like to always keep it renovated 🏠

Regardless if you’re a collector, creator, trader, NFT enthusiast, or total newcomer; we want to be inclusive and appeal to everybody, that’s why we decided to change the RC3 server in a way that all information is easily accessible to everyone — even in different languages for those who are not confident with English.

The server rules have been updated, a verification bot is enabled, and roles have been added so every new member can choose a role of their preference (e.g. contributor, dev, artist, collector, etc.). We created several channel sections mirroring the various activity streams within the project, such as the $RCDY token, the dapp/marketplace, the community lounge, and the collectors’ bar. Most importantly, you will find someone online 24/7!

If you want to get to know us better and become a part of our community, this server is definitely a good place to start — if you follow discord, you are up-to-date with everything ✅

Metaverse Affairs

After a long search, we feel extremely lucky and proud to have met and onboarded g-van and Lily, who both took our metaverse presence in hand and elevated it to another level. With their imagination, creativity, and experience, our new parcel at Pastel Island is under construction but ready to welcome visitors, and host treasure hunts and other community-focused happenings, as well as other live events. Feel free to check it out and play the mini-game g-van created all by himself!

We believe interacting with the metaverse should be above all a fun and learning experience, and, thus, we have created the Voxels Creators Program; a no-strings-attached open call to voxel creators (no need to be an expert) that rewards participants with juicy $RCDY and other prizes for submitting their creations. The most creative artifacts will get selected to decorate our new parcel!

Contrary to the usual, this program is not a competition nor does it expire. In fact, it’s a novel feature of RareCandy— and, consequently, of the broader CryptoVoxels community — that’s conceived as the communal ground for both experienced and new voxel creators to meet & learn from each other, exchange ideas, share & expose their artwork, and get rewards.

New Partnerships

Decentralization is grounded in collaborations, networking, and community building. Back in May 2022, we participated in the Open Web Foundry 6 Demo Day organized by Arweave, where we had the chance to present RareCandy to an NFT-native audience of enthusiasts, collectors, artists, and investors. That event marked the beginning of a series of strategic partnerships we secured with several key players from the Web3 space.

RC3 Presentation at OWF6 Demo Day.

We have been using Arweave’s decentralized infrastructure for on-chain data storage since day 1, nevertheless, our participation in OWF6 upgraded our partnership to include the decentralized storage of RC3’s assets, media, contracts, and dapp logic as well as to facilitate the interactivity of our services & products with NFC/RFID chips, IoTs, and the metaverse.

Looking to solidify our RC3 Originals quest for future-proof physical NFTs, we partnered with KONG who have pioneered and provided us with their HaLo chips that can be embedded on physical assets and function as a blend of NFCs & RFIDs with Web3 tech. A bunch of exciting things are currently cooking under our hood with regard to physical NFTs and real-life utility, which would have not been possible without the amazing team behind KONG.

In addition, we partnered with our friends at Defiants who are assisting us with communications strategy and implementation during our last sprint before the public launch of the DApp and the public token launch via $RCDY Memberships. (*more on this in the sections below)

Finally, we recently joined forces with Mintparty, a community management tool tailored for Web3 that will be helping us out with the gamification of our cm building as we will be rolling out a series of fun and rewarding campaigns around the $RCDY token.

NCO Update

Our conception of an NCO as a new fundraising & token sale format that’s native to the NFT scene still remains as fresh and contemporary as when we first published it.

Besides providing us with their high-quality services and long experience, both Arweave and Defiants were the first of our partners to back us up by purchasing the two first-ever NCO investment slots, thus, sealing our collaboration and adding an extra layer of trust to our novel token sale format.

For more information and a detailed overview of the NCO’s structure, you can read the NCO Lightpaper and the latest NCO Update.

$RCDY Memberships

After our conception of the NCO got presented to wider audiences and attracted investors and major projects from the Web3 space, we got in talks with one of our oldest partners in the space and token issuer of our native social token $RCDY, Roll, who expressed their excitement and positive feedback for our idea. In fact, Roll Memberships is sort of a mini-NCO process on its own, which we will have the great opportunity to use for the public distribution of $RCDY.

To learn how Memberships work, visit Roll’s relevant page here, or join our Discord, and explore the # RCDY-related channels.

Free whitelisting for community members (up to 1000 wallets) here.

The RareCandy3D Dapp

The long-awaited RC3 Dapp is nearly finished. We got the logic tested, contracts reviewed by accredited auditors, and we’re now at the final stages before the launch. It’s gonna be just an MVP, but trust us, it will blow your mind! 🤯

In a nutshell, some of the cool features include but are not limited to:

  • creating, buying, and selling NFTs
  • auctions
  • physical NFTs
  • pay with RCDY to get a discount
  • and much more! 🍬🚀

Join our Discord to get sneaks of the Dapp, and participate in the beta ❤

Promo video on what to expect with the new RC3 dapp.

Physical NFTs

The exploration of the potential of physical NFTs as valuable future-oriented real-life assets has a place of its own in the heart of RareCandy. Therefore, we have created the RC3 Originals erc-721 contract as a standalone branch where we can exercise our personal freedom to release artistic creations, collaborate with people we resonate with, and experiment with new features we pioneer. More updates on this front will be shared as we progress ❤

Sneak that shows a tag on top of RC3 Original garment designed and sewed by Project Symposium.

Wanna take a look at the first physical releases coming out with the Dapp, or explore future releases? Again, it’s boring, we know, but…uh…join our Discord, look around, don’t be shy. We’re just like 200 strong rn, so it’s not gonna feel like a river of “gm and wagmi”, promise! 🤣🤞

Swift Discord Access:

We’re active there, both as a team, but also as part of our community. If you need to talk to the tech guy, you can ping Henry, you want a word with the CEO, you ping Max, instead of trying to figure out smart contracts with the discord mod 🤭

That was it for now folks, catch you online! 🍬🚀




RareCandy3D is a virtual publishing house of scarce digital and physical collectibles, registered on the Ethereum Blockchain.