RC3 Voxel Creators Program 2022

Original banner created by George Okanga for RC3.

Straight out of metaverse — our new Cryptovoxels parcel in Pastel Island is online! Located at 11 Piglett Ear Place, near Forget-Me-Not Forests in Pastel (2858W,4020N), the fresh plot will be a two-story showroom for crypto art, physical NFTs, Music, and Voxel assets, such as wearables, decorations, and accessories.

G-Van.eth, who recently joined RC3 to fill in as the Metaverse Affairs Officer is leading the design and construction of the parcel with help from Liliia.eth, and the local Pastel community. While the standalone version of the parcel is being designed in a private space and will be deployed upon completion, the current construction site offers some hints of the aesthetic to expect, as well as an original mini-game programmed by g-van himself.

You can test your investigative spirit in the ongoing quest set up by talking to the NPC in the middle of the parcel. It’s a typical scavenger hunt that should be a piece of cake for Voxels casuals and rewards users with secret $RCDY claimable links from Roll. — BONUS — signing the guestbook whitelists you for POAP drops that come with retroactive attributes.

Now, the cherry on top of this sweet temporal build is the Voxel Creators Program calling out the community to submit their own voxel models to decorate the final build. You can submit normal CV voxels (32x32) in terms of decorations that will be used to enhance the UX of visitors, and Megavoxels (128x128) that can represent anything and will be displayed as statues/pieces of art.

We will need your help to cherry-pick the most intriguing creations to host and promote on the parcel, who also get a whitelist in the RC3 Original Voxels contract to mint and list their virtual products with no sweat.

There are no restrictions when it comes to what you should be creating. Let your imagination run. Pastel Island is a magical place, and it really feels like the early days of Gangnam District, where literally every parcel is busy working on something that’s not only visually pleasing but has also interactive elements such as mini-games, and multiplayer quests while enabling sophisticated NFT use-cases like gated parcels, and behavioral AI interactions based on who you are, what ownership contracts you’re carrying, etc.

We are building the parcel around the local palette kindly provided by MoonLady (you can also find it on the wall of the Vaporwave Mall on the island). Besides the colors and aesthetics, you can really go rampant in what you create.

If you never tried MagicaVoxel out but want to get involved, download the popular free voxel editor from their Github and start designing what the metaverse actually looks like! Feel encouraged to drop a line in the #metaverse-affairs channel in our Discord to get help, feedback, and guidance.

To spice things up, here’s 25 $RCDY to kickstart your journey ❤

Our construction site in Pastel Island ^^

To Sum It Up:

The parcel:
11 Piglett Ear Place

Voxel Creators form:
Voxel Creators Program

Color Palette:
provided by MoonLady




RareCandy3D is a virtual publishing house of scarce digital and physical collectibles, registered on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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RareCandy3D is a virtual publishing house of scarce digital and physical collectibles, registered on the Ethereum Blockchain.