Season 3 Is Here! — RareCandy3D Update May 9th, 2021

Original Illustration by Fabricio Orellano.
  • A Holographic Authentication Sticker watermarks every single following NFT cover
  • The net-first NCO (NFT Coin Offering) is live!
  • We are pimping up our visual aesthetic by holding hands with a french product design studio and an Argentinian illustrator, namely Studio 530 Degrees, and Fabricio Orellano.
  • First physical releases are scheduled for publication. We’re kicking it with the first ever release from Ethereal Audio, a future-proof record label powered by Ethereum, and distributed by RareCandy3D.
  • We moved to a new Cryptovoxels parcel, at 9 Hook Street, owned by early RareCandy3D collector and supporter Bullauge.
  • Native vesting distribution smart-contracts with claimable functions for NFT Investment Slot holders are sharp and ready to be deployed!

Unlockable Nifties Are Now Casualty At RC3

Although the concept of locking up digital assets, and/or access points inside ERC-721 contracts is not a novelty, we’ve internally aiming to include unlockables more often, in order to provide collectors with an extra something for their support. Even the least eligible releases (eg. digital art only) will now carry unlockable access to high-fidelity assets represented by the respective NFT. 🔓

Holographic Authentication Stickers

RC3-C1–001 “containment” by loudsqueak

The Net-First NCO (NFT Coin Offering) Is Live!

An NCO is essentially a decentralized, automated manner of fundraising by virtue of NFTs. Not only it (NCO) offers the most straightforward process for a token sale, but it naturally cherry-picks its investing crowd filtered against their relevance to the NFT scene.

Are You Ready For The First RC3 Physical Drops!? 😲

Our first physical release is scheduled for Thursday 13th of May, 2021, and we can already spoil that it’s going to be a single edition 12" inch vinyl record, published by Ethereal Audio International, and distributed via RareCandy3D.

Label-side inside its sleeve from EAI001 “substantiallove.sol” by Universal Block Act.

Expanding Further Into The Metaverse

As you already know, our old parcel by the seaside is now bought and transformed to a private villa, utilizing a combination of parcels in the area. Thankfully, Sven, known as Bullauge in the web3 scene, one of the early adopters of Cryptovoxels and RareCandy3D supporter was kind enough to offer us a space in the heart of Gangna, to host our new VR headquarters — this time with a lounge/bar space, where you should expect some gatherings, live events, and club nights.

About RareCandy3D

We are a virtual publishing house of scarce NFT originals as well as a distribution channel for traditional indie artists, brands, record labels, and products that want to tap into the $2T crypto market without tackling the learning curve that sustains the gap between the two commerce fields.

RareCandy3D is a virtual publishing house of scarce digital and physical collectibles, registered on the Ethereum Blockchain.