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RareCandy3D is a virtual publishing house of scarce digital and physical collectibles, registered on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Original Illustration by Fabricio Orellano for RC3.

Los Angeles-based 3d artist, Jeff Maynard, goes by the name loudsqueak in the metaverse. After multiple Instagram conversations about the current state of NFT affairs and some shared visions for the future, we are glad to be collaborating with him in RC3’s Season 3 opener.

🛬 Just landed here? Take this side-road to learn what’s cooking up in season 3.

Loudsqueak’s 3 x single edition NFT album entitled “centrifuge” embodies a series of cyclical floating shapes complimented by top-shelf biomimicry animations. The pieces were generated in Cinema4D and rendered in Redshift.

“My work is typically fully computer generated, with textures and sounds occasionally sourced from my environment.” …

Original Illustration by Fabricio Orellano.

Season 3 Is Live! Everything you need to know about RareCandy3D wrapped up in a post!

🔫Sub-machine-gun-speed-wrapper: Season 2 concluded in parallel to April with a code-art album by Warsaw-based indie game dev Michal “Rostok” Roctoski, entitled “Soon” (RC3-B7). If there would be some key things that marks the end of S2, while signaling the beggining of a renewed RareCandy3D season, that would be:

  • UNLOCKABLE files are now a thing!
  • A Holographic Authentication Sticker watermarks every single following NFT cover
  • The net-first NCO (NFT Coin Offering) is live!
  • We are pimping up our visual aesthetic by holding hands with a…

Original illustration by Fabricio Orellano for RC3.

Michal Rostocki, alias: Rostok, is RareCandy3D’s first code artist with whom we are very excited to collaborate on his first NFT release. The publication, entitled “Soon”, consists of 5 different tweetcarts that share similar colors and style. For those who do not know, tweetcarts are PICO-8 doodles that fit into a single tweet. That means that each of these pieces is not longer than 280 chars (bytes).

As he expressed to RC3, the Warsawian-born video game designer has been experimenting with code since he got his first computer as a child during the 80s. More so, he defines his style…

Original illustration by Fabricio Orellano for RC3.

NFTs are on the right track towards achieving mainstream adoption — and for good reasons. Previous advancements in DeFi and stablecoins, growing interest from investors, and, of course, massive interest from artists, designers, creators, and collectors.

What makes NFTs attractive is, undoubtedly, their collection of native properties: proof of authenticity, ownership, and uniqueness of assets that are accessible in a verifiable, transparent, and immutable manner. Therefore, NFT use-cases can be tailored to accommodate the needs of individuals with different professions, expertise, goals, and aspirations.

In this article, we’ll briefly go through the correlates of tokenization, as well as highlight its…

Original illustration by Fabricio Orellano for RC3.

As the NFT scene is undergoing a phase of mainstream adoption, there are currently more newcomers than ever willing to join this digital collectible revolution. Although many NFT beginners might be familiar with basic terminology and definitions, the present article is meant to address those seeking a more detailed and thorough examination of the amazing world of non-fungible products.

Here, we provide the reader with educated definitions and background information, while we explore current and potential use-cases, discuss NFT novelties, and speculate on what the future is holding for us all NFT enthusiasts. Let’s get started.

How Did It All Begin

Before jumping right into…


  • Basically, an NCO stands for NFT Coin Offering
  • NFT Investment Slots Carry Unlockable Access To ERC-20 Tokens (RCDY)
  • Unlike Tokenized SAFTs, NFT Investment Slots Are Similar To Bearer Bonds
  • 50% Unlocked Instantly / 50% Over ~2 years On A Monthly Basis
  • These Investment Slots Can Be Transferred Alongside The Perks They Offer

Common Flaws Of The Trending Crypto Fundraising Models


  • The first NFT investment slots carrying claimable RCDY tokens will be available during the first NCO Token Sale on April 23d.
  • We applied as a publisher with Foundation, a matter of upvotes before our first release with the popular app.
  • The first phygital release is being polished and scheduled for the end of the month. *tip: 12" record vinyl.
  • Gearing up for the big league. A plethora of traditional brands, record labels, fashion studios, and product designers are signing with RareCandy3D to act as their official web3 distributor of NFTs associated with the respective brand.

Kicking off April as we are coming to the end of Season B, with RC3-B7 “Soon” by Rostok released earlier this week.

This is no ordinary…

Original illustration by Fabricio Ollerano.

Vasiliy Oleshko aka Sibesky is almost a synonym to the RareCandy3D stamp itself. The St. Petersburg-based visual artist was first introduced to us in February 2020, by Christos Belechris, an early RC3 scout who was digging Behance, and Pinterest aiming to fish for gems no-one would have noticed so far in what at that time was a pact, embryonic NFT scene.

Not only Sibesky set our tone with the launching release of the RareCandy3D house but he since then has released three (3) more albums, with the latest one, entitled ‘Dusk’, published last week on 19/03/2021.

Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash

According to Moore’s law (1965), the rate at which our technology is growing is adhering to an exponential curve, with our computers being twice as fast every two years, while the production costs are halving. Even if, nowadays, there are good reasons to doubt the predictive validity of this very notion, the last three decades have empirically proved it rather right. Already it seems a very old memory when the new 1,44MB floppy discs came out or when they got replaced by the pioneering CDs and DVDs. I mean the Internet, as we know it, exists since the early 90s.

Photo by Nastya Dulhiier on Unsplash

The last few years have seen a bunch of data scandals, a fuzz around data protection policies, and the emergence of the trend of web decentralization. Although not ripe yet, Web 3.0 is already promising to revolutionize our digital culture while maintaining the ethics of the original web, where autonomy and expression are separated from commercial interest.

In this article, we will talk about the roots of the web, pinpoint the reasons for a necessary alternative, and unpack some principles of the decentralized web.

A Brief History Of The Web

Post-WW2 era saw the invention of the computer, understood in its modern sense as a programmable…


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