RareCandy3D Update April 19th + New Code-Art Release

6 min readApr 19, 2021



  • The first NFT investment slots carrying claimable RCDY tokens will be available during the first NCO Token Sale on April 23d.
  • We applied as a publisher with Foundation, a matter of upvotes before our first release with the popular app.
  • The first phygital release is being polished and scheduled for the end of the month. *tip: 12" record vinyl.
  • Gearing up for the big league. A plethora of traditional brands, record labels, fashion studios, and product designers are signing with RareCandy3D to act as their official web3 distributor of NFTs associated with the respective brand.

Kicking off April as we are coming to the end of Season B, with RC3-B7 “Soon” by Rostok released earlier this week.

This is no ordinary release, as Michal Rostocki, known by the moniker Rostok in the indie game-dev scene, is not your typical digital artist. As a matter of fact, all visual specimens in his latest release are 100% code-generated animations and not designed in what someone would expect to be C4D, Octane, and/or other visual design software.

RC3-B7–003 “Peeling Chrome” by Rostok

Complimentary to the unique 1/1 NFTs, you will find an unlockable file, carrying the source code for each respective specimen.

Naturally, by now, all pieces are available across Mintbase, OpenSea, Rarible, and Cargo, while we’re working on expanding to more NFT marketplaces using our in-house contract to resonate across all marketplaces in terms of assets.

In essence, whether you buy an RC3 NFT on Rarible or on OpenSea it’s the exact same NFT, and these marketplaces act as distribution channels rather than different contracts that imitate similar NFTs in different marketplaces.

RC3-B7–005 “101 Signing Out” by Rostok

You might notice that some of our latest releases are not listed on OpenSea and Rarible, although you can still bid on them. That is because we created a series of new shared and multi-sig wallets to handle everything RC3 related instead of using our personal 0xs.

From now and on, all RC3 NFTs will be minted by the RC3_Minting_Wallet, although nothing changes in the blockchain side of things, as all NFTs are normally published under the same contract.

Stay tuned for a #BehindTheBlocks series interview with Rostok, coming up next week. In the meantime, meet Vasiliy “Sibesky” Oleshko and feel free to share feedback about what would you guys expect from the series.

Behind The First NCO, Everything You Need To Know

An NCO is essentially a decentralized, automated manner of fundraising by virtue of NFTs. Not only it (NCO) offers the most straightforward process for a token sale, but it naturally cherry-picks its investing crowd filtered against their relevance to the NFT scene.

Print Screen Shot of the A-Grade NCO Investment Slot animation to be tokenized, designed by Studio 530 Degrees in France.

In contrast to traditional equity offering models, decentralization is manifested in an NCO, as NFTs empower unconditional participation in the sale, meaning that crypto native investors don’t have to be obliged by legal agreements, or trust the issuer project, and/or other third-parties involved in the token sale. In an NCO, the smart contract itself ensures that the owner of the NFT Investment Slot is the sole eligible claimant of a pre-allocated set of tokens. *in our case $RCDY as found in the encrypted NFT vehicle.

In this case, the NFT is the receipt, the Proof-of-Investment, and the undeniable, unrestricted right to the invested assets simultaneously. This is particularly important for RareCandy3D, considering it secures a pool of investors native to the Web3 environment and the NFT sub-culture, effectively avoiding traditional investors who want in on the NFT hype, yet have no clue how these fancy programmable assets actually work.

We don’t see our first-of-its-kind NCO as a new token sale format but as the constitution of a novel NFT use-case that sheds light on the enormous possibilities smart ownership contracts bring to the broader Ethereum table; way beyond crypto-art and crypto-collectibles.

To learn more about our token sale visit the relevant page.

What’s Next

We’ve been working on our first physicals with Project Symposium since Oct. 2020. In this case, we designed and crafted everything from scratch to 100 in order to present our first physical wearables, backed by smart ownership contracts.

Although there’s still some minor work to be done (patches, tags, logos, etc.), the prototypes are here and look just awesome! Sneak:

Nevertheless, the first physical release won’t be any of these jackets, but a phygital bundle of a single edition 12" inch record vinyl, carrying audible material by Thessalonian artist Nickolas Rafail Chatzilaskaris, under the alias “Universal Block Act”. The mini-album (EP), will be available in a digital full album NFT as well as individual single tracks complementary to the physical release. More info and previews coming soon.

Greg & Opsi wearing the prototype of one of the puffer jackets (edition of 3) to be released in May.

We’re currently focused on the low-ki NCO token sale, based on the amount of investment interest we got, while the public sale and listings are currently scheduled for June this year.

This year, we are confident to expect dozens of new unique physical, digital and phygital releases, spanning from sneakers, and skins for metaverse avatars, all the way to jewelry and furniture.

Some of the brands, artists, and products we’re representing this year include but are not limited to Gerald Donald from Drexciya, Universal Block Act, DJ Stingray, Shawn Cartier, DJ Loser, Xiao Quan, Vyach, Balex Sneakers, TrashyMuse, Loudsqueak, Hackney Clothing, SAKE Tattoo, Kalamatiano Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and more.

In addition to our NFT publications and distribution efforts, we plan to add basic DeFi functions to our native token $RCDY, where collectors and supporters could instantly leverage their investment with discount oracles for every asset purchased with RCDY, typical and advanced staking mechanisms, with NFT airdrops, and more.

Our CV parcel lease has come to an end, and we want to thank so much everyone in the Gangnam district, especially Conlan, Sven, and Pointshark for supporting us from the begging of this journey. <R

That also means we’re actively looking to expand to more metaverses including but not limited to Somnium Space VR, Cryptovoxels, and Decentraland, where besides our NFT showcase and shop, RareCandy3D natives could enjoy night club events with popular artists, fashion shows with real models behind the avatars, and many more live-events and conferences subjecting industry leaders, discussing the future of ownership in an open and transparent fashion.

Of course, all that is far from the entire picture and what’s currently being cooked behind the scenes, but it gives you a glimpse of what’s just around the corner. Thanks to everyone who believed in our project and supported us when we were nothing more than a smart contract.


Feel free to join the conversation on Discord, drop a hi, or meet your favorite artists. Let us know if you have any questions or want to participate in the token sale using the email found in the contact form, or again, by directly pinging us on Discord.

Wanna get involved with RareCandy3D and help us enhance our impact? Contact eleni@rarecandy.xyz to set up a call with the right team members who can evaluate our compatibility the best. ❤




RareCandy3D is a virtual publishing house of scarce digital and physical collectibles, registered on the Ethereum Blockchain.