RareCandy3D Presents: The New Year’s NFT Care Package

Original design by Alkiviades.

2021 is almost over — and what a year this was.

Undoubtedly, the coronavirus pandemic was among the top highlights of this past year, yet it might be fair to claim that the digitalization — which came as a pandemic side effect — stimulated an increased public interest towards NFTs.

As the “year of NFTs” is about to come to an end, non-fungible collectibles are just flirting with mainstream adoption and seem set for a consecutive year of public hype.

Being part of the NFT scene ourselves, we want to show our gratitude to both our early supporters as well as the broader NFT community by releasing our New Year’s NFT Care Package as we are smoothly transitioning into 2022.

The package entails a series of festive airdrops, RC3 NFT originals, treasure hunts, and awarded badges as a gesture of appreciation and good hope for what has been accomplished so far, and what is there to accomplish.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s cooking for New Year’s in RareCandy’s kitchen. 👩🏼‍🍳👨🏼‍🍳

“On-chain Santa”

First things first, we have the pleasure to be collaborating with Argentinian illustrator and NFT artist, Jazmin Varela, on a single-edition RC3 NFT Original.

Original illustration for RC3 by Jazmin Varela.

The hand-drawn illustration was inspired by probably one of the most frequently occurred moments in 2021. If you’ve tried to buy an NFT within the previous 12 months, you’ll get it.

It’s Christmas Day and the kids wake up excited to see what Santa 2021 has brought for them. They run to the fireplace where they have already spotted their gift-filled X-mas stockings. Enthusiastic as they are, the kids quickly scan the QR codes on the stockings only to find that gas is high and their balance is insufficient to claim the gifts. Oops!

❗Access to individual GIF frames in HD is available as unlockable content upon the purchase of this unique ERC-721 token.❗

Rare Royal Candy Pie

According to a local custom, a sweet pie is prepared for the night of New Year’s Eve and contains a gold coin which symbolizes good luck for the coming year to the person that gets it in their piece.

Along these lines, we are releasing our version — the Rare Royal Candy Pie — designed and animated by Sibesky. This RARI 1155 NFT comprises a cake of 12 slices (=NFTs). After all slices have been distributed, holders are eligible to join a raffle that will be giving away erc-20 & erc-721 rewards!

Besides getting access to those freebies, the lucky winner will receive good luck and fortune in the whole coming year. 🤞🏼🥠

Collector’s Badges

As soon as RC3’s genesis NFT was released back in early 2020, we were amazed by the enthusiasm and support people from the NFT community showed to us, and, thus, we already established a series that’s designed to award our top 10 collectors (both RC3 & $RCDY) on an annual basis — the Limited Edition Collector’s Badge (LECB).

Last year, we awarded our top 10 RC3 collectors with an NFT badge that would grant each holder access to 1000 $RCDY tokens. 🥇

Original animation for RC3 by Sibesky.

This year we are awarding our top 10 $RCDY holders with special RC3 NFT Originals. The 10 winners will be receiving a limited-edition NFT Badge as well as an NFT Advent Calendar, which will be distributing 1 $RCDY token per day to the respective holder throughout the whole of 2022.

In simple words, the longer this NFT stays in one’s wallet, the more $RCDY tokens will be airdropped at the end of the coming year. Initial holders have the opportunity to hold the NFT as long as they wish, but also use it as a gift that will airdrop $RCDYs to the person that holds it next!🎁

Treasure Hunt

For those that haven’t roamed CryptoVoxels’ iconic Gangnam Neon District, RareCandy’s gallery sits right next to the infamous Rose Nexus Gallery.

Shy Iced Candy.

Starting on the 1st of January and for the next 30 days, a treasure hunt will be going on in our gallery. The first 100 people that spot the treasure will be eligible to claim 25 $RCDY tokens. 💰

Go to 9 Hook Street and find the Shy Iced Candy! Good luck to everyone ✌🏼🍬

Winter Sale

In this year’s Winter Sale, you can find ALL single edition RC3 NFT originals at a discount from as low as 20% up to 70% throughout the whole of January. 🏃🏽‍♀️

2022 seems as it will be the (second) year of NFTs and the year of DAOs. It will also be RareCandy’s year. We have been actively working on our project for the past almost two years, and now it’s our time to step up our game, expand our community, and start putting out to the public all those crazy ideas we’ve been preparing all this time. Stay tuned for more updates <R

Happy New Year to everyone. ❤



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