RareCandy3D Presents: The New Year’s NFT Care Package

Original design by Alkiviades.

“On-chain Santa”

First things first, we have the pleasure to be collaborating with Argentinian illustrator and NFT artist, Jazmin Varela, on a single-edition RC3 NFT Original.

Original illustration for RC3 by Jazmin Varela.

Rare Royal Candy Pie

According to a local custom, a sweet pie is prepared for the night of New Year’s Eve and contains a gold coin which symbolizes good luck for the coming year to the person that gets it in their piece.

Collector’s Badges

As soon as RC3’s genesis NFT was released back in early 2020, we were amazed by the enthusiasm and support people from the NFT community showed to us, and, thus, we already established a series that’s designed to award our top 10 collectors (both RC3 & $RCDY) on an annual basis — the Limited Edition Collector’s Badge (LECB).

Original animation for RC3 by Sibesky.

Treasure Hunt

For those that haven’t roamed CryptoVoxels’ iconic Gangnam Neon District, RareCandy’s gallery sits right next to the infamous Rose Nexus Gallery.

Shy Iced Candy.

Winter Sale

In this year’s Winter Sale, you can find ALL single edition RC3 NFT originals at a discount from as low as 20% up to 70% throughout the whole of January. 🏃🏽‍♀️

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